Most Unwanted Scrobbles

These tracks were most frequently deleted by the community from their scrobbles in December 2012.

play preview Psy강남스타일
k-pop, dance, pop, psy, korean, 2012, gangnam style, electronic, 2010s, 10s
play preview Lady GagaPoker Face
pop, dance, lady gaga, electronic, party, female vocalists, poker face, wdzh-fm, electropop, sexy
play preview Lady GagaBad Romance
pop, dance, lady gaga, female vocalists, wdzh-fm, addictive, dance all night, electronic
pop, rihanna, diamonds, rnb, 2012, female vocalists, love at first listen, shine, beautiful, r&b
play preview Lady GagaBorn This Way
pop, wkqi-fm, wdzh-fm, lady gaga, dance, epic, born this way, 2011, female vocalists, electronic
play preview AdeleRolling in the Deep
soul, adele, female vocalists, pop, british, love at first listen, singer-songwriter
One DirectionWhat Makes You Beautiful
pop, one direction, catchy, british, talentless, cant sing, cutieee, lipsynching, lip synch
play preview Carly Rae JepsenCall Me Maybe
pop, dance, female vocalists, carly rae jepsen, canadian, catchy, teen pop, call me maybe
play preview Lady GagaAlejandro
pop, lady gaga, dance, electronic, female vocalists, wdzh-fm, alejandro, electropop, wkqi-fm
10  play preview Lady GagaPaparazzi
pop, lady gaga, dance, female vocalists, paparazzi, electronic, gossip girl, sexy, electropop

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